Saturday, October 13, 2012

Why Dirty Veggies?

It's been brought to my attention that maybe people don't really care what I buy at the farmer's market from week to week.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should!

1. Because I love the farmer's market! And anything I love, you should love too. Because we're connected like that. Like soul mates. Like brothers from another mother. Like BFFs who will like totally love each other forever.

2. Because if you're truly into food, the farmer's market is your best source for the freshest veggies possible. Things from the farmer's market really do taste better. They're fresher. They're more flavorful. They're just good. It's the way food should taste when it's not loaded up on pesticides and shipped from half way across the world on a diesel-fueled truck.

3. Because it's important to support your local farmers. Large corporations are under-cutting and eliminating smaller local farmers at steadfast speed. By buying from your local farmer's market, you're helping to keep small family farms, that may have been operating for decades, in business!

4. Because it's better for you. The benefits don't just extend to your local farmers. Large corporate farms  are slowly poisoning our foods with pesticides, herbicides, genetically modified mutations, etc. Most of these farms are organic, but because of restrictive and expensive governmental processes to obtain an official label of "organic," many don't have the resources to go through the process. By ingesting less processed, pesticide-free food, you're improving your health without even trying.

5. Because you should be going to your local farmer's market too! The point of showing my weekly goods from the market is encourage you to get out to your local markets. It dispels the misconception that farmer's markets are overpriced. I can get the same things for the same price or even cheaper then what's available in the supermarket.

While I can appreciate that my grocery list may not be as exciting to some as it is to me, these posts aren't without purpose. And it would probably be more meaningful if you actually saw the outcomes of those grocery lists....meaning recipes. Which I will be conscious of posting so you know my veggies are decaying into a puddle at the bottom of my fridge.

And lastly, if you just not down with the Dirty Veggie posts, skip'em. I'll never know.

Now....without further ado, this week's roundup:
7 onions - $2
1 pint of fingerling potatoes - $3 - this week's splurge
3 NYS Bosc Pears - $2
1 head napa cabbage - $1
3 acorn squash - $2 - deal of the week
Total: $10 

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