About GP

Welcome to Goodbye Pancreas!

Goodbye Pancreas is my adventure of living life as a type 1 diabetic who has an addiction to all things food!

At 28 years old, I experienced a "This only happens on Lifetime TV" mini-drama! After having a relatively illness-free life, shit was turned upside down when I went from being pretty healthy to pretty sick to being in the hospital to injecting myself with insulin to stay alive.

In 2010, I started this blog as a way of helping me process this bizarre turn of events, possibly connect with other diabetics, and to foster my own self-indulgence both in and out of the kitchen.

Whether you're reading this as a diabetic, as someone who likes to eat, or as a potential future stalker, thanks for stopping by. I hope you like it. But won't get too hung up on whether you actually do. That whole self-indulgent thing. 

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