Thursday, October 4, 2012

Dirty Veggies, Part 9

You may have noticed a slight decline in my visits to the farmer's market. I have been off the last few Wednesdays. As much as I love my farmer's market, I'm not driving up to Westchester from Jersey! It's had to go on without me. Sniffle, sniffle

However, I more then made up for it this week with my ridiculously awesome (over budget) buys! I was so excited about everything I got this week, I actually texted Jerry to tell him about all of my wonderful buys. Funny, somehow he wasn't as enthusiastic about poblano peppers and broccoli as I was!

Crap picture of veggies. Adorable picture of Jackson. 
This week's roundup:
1 head garlic - free....I realized afterwards that the guy didn't ring it up. Oopsy.
1 bunch celery - $2.50
5 onions - $1.75
2 heads of broccoli - $1.00! Farm fresh broccoli! I'm not sure I have ever had such a thing!
1 pint cherry tomatoes - $2.00 The last I'll be seeing for a while
3 lemons - $1.00 Not local, but I needed them
4 yams - $3.50
3 poblano peppers - $2.00
3 pears - $2.50
2 large parsnips - $2.50
1 bunch fresh thyme - $1.50
Total: $20.25

Let's see that face upclose!

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