Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tightening Up

Countdown to Spain: 55 days

Oh yes, the countdown has begun.

And when one of my countdowns gets started, there's usually a weight loss/exercise goal attached to it. Because I'm crazy like that.

This trip is certainly no different. In fact, it's even more intense as we will be visiting some Tops Optional beaches during our trip. While I'm not completely decided on whether I'll show my girls (and by "my girls," I really mean nipples because that's all I have), I still want to feel comfortable in my skin around others who might be showing more then just...nipples.

With that, I'm hoping to be starting a regular exercise and diet routine to help take off a few extra pounds everyone else claims not to notice. I may even throw in a detox just to really liven things up! Party. Animal.

In addition to an ass/tummy/everything else that jiggles tightening, there will also be a tightening up for finances. Jerry and I have recently stumbled in a bit of quarry as we've just booked a few expensive trip to Europe just a few weeks prior to his company having a lockout of all unionized employees. Fun stuff.

I'm trying to put a positive spin on it by saying that losing weight and saving money really go hand-in-hand. What better to way to save money then to stop buying groceries! Okay, that's dramatic. It'll probably look more like a reduction in spending money on groceries, going out to eat, and a reduction in bar nights. I foresee us drinking our way through the entire contents of our liquor cabinet this summer!

Be prepared for some serious goal-listing to occur in the next week or so!

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