Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Dirty Veggies, Part 2

I felt so sad when I realized that I wasn't going to partake in my weekly farmer's market shopping due to the 4th of July. Forlorn, I accepted that I might have to buy...big sigh...clean vegetables....from the supermarket.

That was until my sister called to tell me that White Plains was having its farmer's market today instead of tomorrow. As though I had just been given the day off, I skipped out to my car and headed down to the market.

This week's rundown:
2 cucumbers - $1.00
1 zucchini - $1.25
5 vine-ripened tomatoes - $3.25
1 head of Tuscan kale - $2.00
1 bunch of (5) red onions - $2.00
1 large piece of ginger - $.75 - which probably isn't local
Bonus: 1 head of red leaf lettuce - $1.50
Total: $10.25...minus the Bonus Lettuce!

Here's the deal with the Bonus Lettuce. Sticking with a strict budget of $10, I do not go to the farmer's market with more then $11 and some change in pocket to avoid any impulse buying. However, I'm not great at calculating how much a purchase will be until I'm already over budget. I'm a social worker, not a mathematician.

As I stood, tallying my purchase in my head, I realized I was $1 over budget. The farmer asked how much I had. I'm not sure if he was the actual farmer, but I like to pretend. I said I only had $4.50 for what was a $5.50 purchase. Taking pity on my poor, broke-ass soul, he told me not to worry about it and threw my head of lettuce in for free! Thanks, Farmer Ted!

This isn't a typical budgeting technique for me, but I'll be sure to wear another cute dress to next week's market. Just in case.

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