Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dirty Veggies, Part 4

You'll be excited to hear that, this week, I almost stayed within budget. Almost. I'm over by just a quarter. You can't fault me on a quarter!

This week's market shopping was a little different then usual. First, I had a recipe in mind, so some selections were based on that. Second, Jerry and I are going to Virginia for a long weekend, which means we won't be home. In an effort to not waste food, I bought things that would either survive the weekend or be taken with us for snackin' on our long drive to VA.

This week's roundup:
2 cucumbers - $.50
1 bunch of golden beets - $1.50
1 bulb of garlic - $1.25
1 bunch of parsley - $1.00
1 bunch of scallions - $1.50
6 tomatoes - $2.50
6 plums - $2.00
Total: $10.25

Not too shabby!

Recipe to come soon.

Can you guess what it might be? Is the suspense killing you?!?!?

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