Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Dirty Veggies, Part 3

I'm going to get the confession out of the way now.

I went over budget at this week's farmer's market. I can explain!

But first....let me distract you with my beautiful, dirty vegetables (and fruits!).

This week's roundup:
1 bunch of kale - $1
1 bunch of golden beets - $1.50
1 large zucchini - $1
6 NYS tomatoes - $2.25
6 local peaches - $2.25
1 large eggplant - $1.25
1 head red lettuce - $1.50
1 bunch of red onions - $2.00
Total: $12.75......$2.75 over budget.

I'm sure I could have put something back or worked my magic for a free head of lettuce, but even then, I'd still probably be over-budget. I just couldn't control myself. The deals were too good! The veggies just too awesome! A bunch of golden beets for $1.50? Come on! Locally grown peaches for $2.25? Do I need to show you the over-priced peaches you get in the supermarket?

That's not really a great explanation. Unless you're a total food dork like me and would rather buy produce over...just about anything else!

Plus, I've given myself a weekly grocery budget of $50. Since starting that budgeting goal, I haven't made my daily trips to multiple grocery stores ALL WEEK. Did you read that? ALL WEEK!

Granted, it's only Wednesday, but I'm hopeful. :)

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