Sunday, July 29, 2012

Official Weigh-In

It's official. I weigh the most now then I have in the last three years. And I'm definitely feeling the difference in my body. Hello rubbing thighs. So nice of you to show up in this 90 degree heat!

I know what you're thinking, "What happen to this countdown for Spain, where you were supposed to be losing weight, Bonnie?"

Well, for a while there, it looked like our trip to Spain wasn't going to happen. With Jerry being out of work and us not knowing if we would make the next rent payment, all planning for Spain had come to a halt, including my great plan to lose weight to feel comfortable exposing my tata's on Europe's topless beaches. I think my mom is a little relieved about that one.

Now that Jerry is back to work and it's looking more and more hopeful that our trip to Spain is happening, I need to get back into Tata Exposin' shape! Our recent trip to Virginia definitely took me far off track, where at least 15 meals a day were consumed and exercise was significantly reduced.

That being said, I think I need a little bit of a jump start, which is why I've decided to do another detox. I'm not sure if it'll be for a whole month like my last one, but definitely at least a week or two.

I imagine that a detox won't be too hard since I'm in love with all fresh produce and have been eating salads at almost every meal anyway. Some of the rules of the detox are to definitely cut out all processed and refined sugars and definitely, definitely, definitely the use of portion control. No seconds at meals. No desserts. Nothing!

Plus, a return to the gym with a focus on yoga and HIIT (high intensity interval training) is certainly in-store.

Of course, with any great diet and exercise plan, it will start on Monday. Not today. Because today...I have some eatin' to do! :)

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