Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Johnny Number 5!

People usually have a lot of questions about my insulin pump. The three most common questions I get are 1) do I still have to take my blood sugar or does the pump magically read it for me, 2) will the pump ever spin wildly out of control and overdose me with insulin, and 3) how /when do I change the infusion set or will it just fall out?

For a non-pump user, these all seem like intelligent questions, right? For a pump-user, it is hard not to snicker, roll my eyes, and pat people atop their little, questioning heads. Ah, so innocent, so influenced by popular entertainment that make us think that electronic devices will develop minds of their own and take over the world.

The answer to the first question is yes. I still have to take my blood sugar. The pump is just an insulin delivery device that is subcutaneously injected under my skin, which for the most part, doesn't even produce any bloodshed when injected. Bloodshed. Seems dramatic when it's said twice and bolded!

The answer to question number 2 is that my insulin pump isn't Johnny Number 5. Although...hmmm...hello new name for my insulin pump! Or should I say for my Johnny Number 5?!!!!! Awesome! Anyway, Johnny Number 5 only delivers the insulin its instructed too. It never goes rogue and does it on it's own. In fact, actually administering insulin requires the pushing of several different buttons to ensure I'm not overdosing myself every time I bump into a corner. And pushing several buttons can be quite complicated.

The answer to the third question is one that has recently changed. I need to change the infusion every two to three day, which is something that I do myself. No special medical degree or device (except for this bizarre, oddly sexual looking injector) required. However, my answer to the "Will it fall out?" question has just changed!

The Injector!!
Usually, I have to pry the adhesive tape that holds the site in place off of me. It's like when you were a kid and you left band aids on until they turned all gross and nasty and fell off themselves because peeling them off your delicate baby skin was too painful! Getting the infusion set adhesive off is similar to that stubborn band aid.

That was until recently.

I had just finished my Hot Yoga class and was putting on my pants to walk home. I must have also pulled the tubing when I pulled my pants up because I could feel the set rip out. I thought, "Wow, that's weird," but figured I had just been drenched in sweat and it needed to be changed anyway. Then, the very next day, again, pulling my pants up, I ripped out a second set! What the....?!

Either the infusion sets are weakening or I need start pulling up my pants less aggressively!

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