Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I'm addicted to sugar! I'm not sure if I need to tell you, but that's generally not recommended for a diabetic!

Ever since the holidays, I feel like my diet has fallen by the wayside. Carby foods and sugar has slowly been creeping its way. Sneaky, sneaky. I've even allowed myself to buy two kinds of flavored marshmallows!! It needs to stop.

While my blood sugar control has been okay, I've been feeling rather run down, unmotivated, and just bleh! Prior to the holidays, I had been feeling pretty good about my weight, eating habits, and workouts, but lately...not so much. I'm definitely eating too many carbs and not enough veggies, fruits, and lean protein. My portion sizes have become larger as my exercise regime dwindles. It's becoming a problem.  I am a MUCH happier, confident person the more fit and healthy I am.

While I think it's partial related to being weighed down by the food of the season (i.e. lots of starchy vegetables, hearty soups and stews), winter time blues are also starting to kick in. Cold weather and lots of time indoors has a way of messing with me.

Starting this week, I'm getting myself back on track!

First, I'm going cold turkey, man! No more sugar. Okay, okay...that's probably not completely accurate. But I am throwing away my flavored marshmallows (Chocolate Mint Jet Puff, how I love you!), no snacking at the junk people bring in at the office, and only ordering dessert as an occasional treat.

Second, I need to get back into a regular exercise routine! I'm investigating different programs to spark the motivation. I'm perusing BodyRock.tv to see if anything appeals to me, however, I think just getting myself to the gym on a regular basis will be an improvement.

Lastly, I'm considering doing very mild detox to help move along this sugar addiction. Nothing too crazy since lemon juice and cayenne pepper isn't enough to sustain this Diabetic, but something. More info to come on this one.

Wish me luck! Updates are sure to be fun!

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