Monday, January 2, 2012

Hola 2012!

Originally, I had this hippie-dippie post written about my new approach for the new year.

How instead of waiting for one day a year to make changes, I am looking at each day as an opportunity for a fresh start. Whether it be at work, in love, in relationships, or with blood sugar, beginning again is a moment to moment possibility. We all get off track in our lives, but tomorrow always offers another chance to right whatever wrongs, to move on, to move forward, to forgive, to heal, to conquer.

Rather then give myself a detailed list of resolutions to work on for this coming year, I am going to keep it simple. In this new year, my resolution is to be happy, enjoy life, love and be loved. 

Okay, okay...I can't resist the urge to also put down some concrete resolutions! But all the above applies too.

First, I would like to lower my a1c. Even though I know my current a1c is still really good, I'd like to get back down to where I was before. One way I'm hoping to do this is by trying to keep a food/insulin log at least one week every month and be more mindful of testing two to three hours after meals. Research shows that food logging and frequent blood sugar testing helps maintain overall good blood sugar control.

Second, I have been a bit off in my diet and exercise habits lately, mostly because of the holidays. I would like to get back to my regular eating and exercise routine. This also includes eating more locally grown foods, including ones I plan on growing myself!

Third, new year, new job. I don't think this one needs explaining.

Lastly, taking good care of myself, not just physically but also mentally, is probably the most important resolution I will make this new year. In this past year, I have made significant progress in taking better care of mental health. I'm less anxious, have more confidence, and liking myself more and more. While I have made great strides, self-care so easily falls by the wayside. Not this year.

I think I can handle that.

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