Sunday, April 1, 2012

Cleanse Me, Baby!

My detox is over and I know you've been on the edge of your seat to see how it went!

Overall, I think it went quite well. This detox gave me pause to consider and reflect on my current diet, eating habits, and my overall thoughts of "being healthy."

I have organized this nice, neat list of my reflections. You're welcome.

Eating Habits and Portion Control
Portion control. Something I very clearly lack. I'm a "clean my plate" kinda girl. Even though I was detoxing, the constant urge to stuff my face was ever present. However, I became much more aware of when, what, and why I was eating. Remember the M&M story? I have become more mindful of eating when I'm hungry, leaving food on my plate when I'm full, and making better choices when I want something to snack on.

Blood Sugar Control and Insulin Usage
My blood sugar was awesome during the detox! It's probably related to the almost complete lack of carbs, but still. I don't think I have seen such great blood sugar numbers. In addition to great numbers, my insulin usage was significantly reduced. I was changing reservoirs on my pump that still had 20+ units in it after 3 1/2 days! Seeing such a change in numbers is definitely motivating to stick with a diet that more closely resembles this detox then what I had been eating.

Sugar Addiction
I realized how incredibly dependent I had come on sugary treats. Things that hadn't even occurred to be as being sugar laden were. Though my cravings for sugar didn't necessarily disappear, I drastically reduced the amount of my sugar consumption. It's amazing how we can become addicted to something and not even realize it!

Body Image
I definitely have issues when it comes to my body image. In my mind, I'm always fluctuating between too thin and not thin enough. I commented on this in my last post. It definitely takes a toll on my self-confidence. Overall, I felt less bloated and had a greater sense of healthiness.

Overall, I felt healthy on this detox and especially in relationship to drinking less alcohol. While I enjoy my weekly bottles of wine far too much to give them up completely, this detox encourages me to drink less often. Maybe just reserving it for the weekend? Maybe.

It seems like such a silly thing, especially since every health magazine you ever pick up tells you to drink water, but it's really true. I can definitely feel a difference in my concentration levels, energy, and hungry when I am well hydrated. And I mean water hydration. Drinking tea or coffee is not the same as plain ol' H20.

In sum, while I looked at this detox as just a three week diet plan, it has showed me a better, cleaner way to eat. I hope to incorporate into my every day life. While, so far, I've been pretty bad in following that way of life, I'm hoping to get back on track. Any that helps me to keep my toes is all good thing in my book!**

**Creepy diabetes amputation reference

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