Friday, April 6, 2012

Blended Family

Ah, moving in together.

Some bumps in the road should be expected. Some time needed to adjust to one another's routines. Time to get use to each other's annoying habits, like horking a lung into the bathroom sink every morning and the endless need to fart every time you bend over. Have you ever met anyone who literally gags on their toothbrush every morning? Because I have. With any significant change in life, some anxiety is to be expected.

Maybe I'm being overly optimisitic, but my biggest "moving-in" concern has very little to do with Jerry and I. Really what I'm worried about, feel the incessant need to talk about, discuss with my how our cats will get along.

Look how fuzzy he is!
I know, I know. It's my own fault. I haven't given Jackson's the greatest rep with all my posts about his assholey behavior, but he really is a sweet kitty. Sometimes. When no one else is looking. 

Whereas Bilo, on the other hand, is the sweetest, most loving cat that has ever walked the planet. He doesn't stop purring.
He was purring as I took this photo.
In their few visits together, things have not gone well. Our last visit ended with Bilo shitting on the couch, just to really punctuate the fact that we were not welcomed! Message received, my friend. The only problem now is that this time I can't pack Jackson up at 3AM and take him home! We'll already be home!

I'm hoping our furkids can pull their shit together (both figuratively and literally) to make one happy family!

Wish us luck.

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