Thursday, April 12, 2012

Hey, Are You?

Every week, we order pizza at work for our social skills group. It's usually the same delivery guys from week to week. People whose faces grow familiar to us as time passes, but who we know little about. 

But, last tonight...something different.

Delivery guy points to me and asks, "Hey, are you?"
Confused, I question "Am I?"
He reaches into his pocket and takes out his pump. He asks again, "Are you?"
Big smile across my face, "Yes, I am." 
"I would notice the tubing any where."
"How long for you?"
"Long time. Since I was 8."
"Really. It's just been a year and half for me."
"Really?! A year and half since onset?"
"Yup. How long you on the pump?"
"12 years. It's awesome!"
"Definitely. Best decision I've made. Thank you for asking me. I'm always on the look out for others. It's so funny."
"Yeah, me too. I'm always listening to see if beeps in the room are someone else's alerts. Have a good night."
"Yeah, you too."

Having met him several times before, always thinking he was a pleasant guy, tonight, for some reason, I liked him so much more.

Others do exist. Who would have thought?

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