Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Bigger A-hole then Diabetes!

Who is a bigger asshole then diabetes?

That would be my cat, Jackson.

He is a jerk. He is the bratty toddler at the supermarket who makes you wonder if kids are really worth it. He is the self-absorbed adolescent who wants your attention but not your affection. He is the doucey guy at the bar who won't leave you alone but hasn't bought you one drink! In short, he is an asshole, but you love him anyway.

(Yes, that is Jackson in my pantry closet, trying to get to his cat treats! He's a fat kid too!)

It is important that you know Jackson. He takes up a lot of my time and causes a lot of frustration. But nothing makes me happier then the 60 seconds of purring and loving I get before feeding him twice a day. Or waking up and finding him curled up next me on the bed. Or realizing that there is something in my life that can cause more frustration then diabetes!

Now, excuse me while I go spray the shit out of him for scratching on something he is not suppose to.

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