Friday, March 9, 2012

Squeezing One Out

Have no fear (OR don't be too disappointed, depending on your preference). This post is not about pooping.

It's about my blood sugar testing!

I realized that I need to post this post before the weather gets any warmer and it's really untimely!

Since the weather was colder and my fingers a little calloused, it's become slightly more challenging to get a usable drop of blood from my hands for testing. I've started to blow on my hands before testing, like I'm on the Arctic Tundra, hoping that my hot breath will be enough to warm my fingers into proper blood flow. Whoever thought of that as a viable option for warmth?!

When I see this on my glucose monitor.....

I have to stop myself from launching it across the room before throwing myself on the floor into a full-blown, legs swinging about temper tantrum! Probably because I had just pricked, prodded, and massaged what I assumed to be a usable drop of blood out of my poor fingertip only for it to be DENIED! When I was first diagnosed, not getting enough blood would send me into fit of sobs. Now it's just a fit of expletives! It is ridiculously frustrating!

My Endocrinologist and Certified Diabetes Education assure me that my fingers will not become so calloused that I can't use long as I switch up the fingers! Switch up the fingers?!?! How many do you think I have?! My pinkies don't count! They're so little and petite, like delicate baby fingers. I test at least 6 - 8 times a day, which means each finger is pumped for blood on a daily basis. They're covered in little bruise marks from being stabbed over and over again! It's like my fingers are working in third world country!
Poor little fingers. Stupid diabetes.

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