Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Favorite Number

My favorite number?

Oh...umm...let me think....I think my favorite number would be a 6.1, bitches!!!!

Sorry, I didn't mean to indicate that you were bitches. I meant more in that diabetes and my a1c tests are bitches....as in my bitches....as in I own them!!!!

In case you don't remember, the a1c test is a blood test that gives a three month picture of how well one has been controlling their blood sugar. It's one of the standards that doctors use to ensure that patients are doing well in their diabetes management. American Diabetes Association would like for a1c results to be >7%. The American Association of Endocrinologists would like it to be > 6.8%.

On Friday, I saw my favorite endocrinologist friend, who gave me a1c results of a 6.1, my best a1c result since becoming diabetic a year and half ago. Needless to say, I was pretty damn excited.

So excited, I went home and had myself a mojito and a half pint of ice cream! :) Here I come, 6.0!

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