Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Dream On

I wake up, feeling a little groggy, with a pounding headache and a wicked case of dry mouth. Like real-deal, "haven't had a drink in days", "probably going to die of dehydration soon" kind of dry mouth. I let out a deep sigh as I realize that my blood sugar is probably ridiculously high.

In a bleary-eye state, I fumble for my glucose tester as I meticulously dissect everything I had eaten the night before that could have caused an overnight rise in blood sugar. I prick my finger, add blood to the test strip, and wait, in annoyance, for my glucose results.

My blood glucose tester beeps, letting me know the results are in and aren't good.  And there it is.

A 857 blood sugar!!!!

I begin to panic. 857! How did my blood sugar get so high? What could I have possibly eaten? Did my pump stop working? Did I run out of insulin? Am I going to die soon?! How is a 857 blood sugar possible?!

Then, I realize that's not possible, immediately confirmed by taking an actual blood sugar test and not just a dream one.

I believe this is a diabetic's equivalent to showing up to school naked.

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