Monday, January 21, 2013

Seven Turns

There is a Navajo belief that there are seven times in your life where you must make a great decision. If you make a wrong turn, you end up in a dead end. You can either stay there or turn back to find the right path. 

I believe I have just turned back.

I guess one can't say that for sure, right? I mean, if it was so easy to identify our missteps, I'm sure we wouldn't have so many of them. But I was thinking about these seven turns the other day. Thinking about how one turns back and I had to snicker.

Here I am. Back in Astoria. Literally around the corner from my old apartment. How can I not take that as the universe bringing me back to where I need to continue my journey? Bringing me back to where, maybe, I got off track before.

I'm not expecting this turn to be easy. Is anything ever? But I am looking forward to it, content in knowing that this is where I am suppose to be.

Now check out my new kitchen! :)

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