Friday, December 14, 2012

Diabetes Police

It is always with hesitation I put up posts that talk about some of the silly/stupid things I might do as a diabetic. Usually the hesitation revolves around the involvement of the Diabetes Police. Dundundun They're kind of like the Fashion Police, only their job is to tell me what I should or shouldn't be doing as a diabetic. It should be mentioned that they are usually not diabetics.

Most of the time, people make comments either out of concern or just plain ignorance. I need to constantly remind myself of that. And, most of the time, I have patience for it. In fact, I like to explain why I can eat what I'd like as long as take insulin, why it's possible for me to get Type 1 at 28, and that high and low blood sugar is just the name of the game in this crazy, messed up world of diabetes.

But sometimes...every once in a really pisses me the fuck off. Can you see where this post is heading?

With the holidays here and parties galore, the Diabetes Police are out in full force. Those who feel the need to comment on what I am eating, how I am eating, and what I should be doing about it. For anybody who thinks that I am not fully aware of what the impact of eating, drinking, blood sugars, and all the rest, you are a fucking asshole! 

Trust me. I know. I'm aware.

But I still need to live my life. And living my life means I may not be the perfect diabetic. It means I forget to bring juice boxes everywhere I go, may not eat a strict low carb diet, and my blood sugar occasionally gets out of range. I'm going to eat an occasional slice of cake, have high blood sugar, have low blood sugar, and occasionally forget a honey packet all while keeping my baby toes, legs, and vision.

It also means that, 90% of the time, I skip the bread at meals. I test my blood sugar multiple times a day. I always take my insulin. I exercise. I carry something with me to treat lows. I take care of myself.

All without the help of the Diabetes Police!

So....are you a member of the Diabetes Police?
Think about it. 

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