Friday, December 7, 2012

Bad, Bad Insulin

I was worried after Hurricane Sandy that we hadn't rescued my insulin vials in time! Under-prepared and only one cooler to our names, I moved my insulin from the fridge to the freezer to the cooler with fingers-crossed that all three had been keeping it cool enough to prevent from degrading. 

These past two weeks, I have really been struggling with my blood sugar numbers. They've been pretty terrible in fact, hanging out in the 200's like I had been eating cake for breakfast. And you know what the most annoying part of it is....I haven't been eating motherfucking cake for breakfast! I'm getting these high numbers and not even enjoying the crap food to go along with them! WTF, pancreas?!

However, I wasn't quite ready to admit to myself that there are 12 useless vials of insulin sitting in the fridge. I played the usual game:
Maybe it's because I'm getting sick? I'll just wait a few days. Still feel fine. Okay, not that. 
Maybe it's just the infusion site? I'll just change it. Nope, still high. 
Maybe it's just this one insulin vile?  I'll just change that. Hey 210, guess it wasn't just that insulin vile!
Maybe I have lost my ability to accurately calculate carbohydrates? I'll spend the next few days eating only items that I know for sure the carb amounts. F-U 223!!!

Finally, I had to give in and contact my Certified Diabetes Educator. While I am still not fully committed to the idea that 12 vials of insulin have been wasted, they are sending out another three month supply next week. 

I'll let you know how it goes. 

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