Friday, September 28, 2012

The Little Post that Could

Ever since Jerry and I started dating, despite all of the other wonderful contributions I have made to his life, I have been a curse to his birthday.

The first year we were dating, I was diagnosed with diabetes, felt like shit all through his birthday dinner, and was hospitalized the very next day. Welcome to 30! Weeeee!

The second year, we weren't dating at all. We had broken up just days before his birthday. Fun stuff. 

This year....well, this year, I wasn't completely sure that we would make it to his birthday either. I have neglected to post any updates on our move and living together, mostly, because it's kind of sucked. The adjustment of living together in combination with some relationship issues we hadn't quite worked through had made those first few months not fun ones.

After several months of being bogged down in so much negativity, we hit our breaking point. If it hadn't been for our already planned trip to Spain, I probably would have been packing my bags. I'm glad I didn't. 

I am thankful for our trip to Spain for so many reasons, the most of which is the renewed energy and hope I gained in our relationship. Once all that shit was put aside, I saw the man I love. Hiding behind a cloud of his own noxious gas. But still...he was there.

And now I am here. Celebrating the birthday of the guy who exudes excitement over the smallest things, who has an endearing playfulness and humor, who offers to help strangers when most of us would probably just walk on by.

Relationships are not easy. Living together is even more challenging.

I'm not sure where our crazy lives are leading us, but I sure am glad you've been around for part of mine. And that I can be here for part of yours.

Happy Birthday, my dear. To many more, less-cursed birthdays. 

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  1. Hard, frustrating, sometimes torturous on your nasal senses... but many times, completely worth it. Happy birthday to Jerry & good luck to conquering the horrible yet fantastic thing called living together =) Paul and I almost broke up... about once a month for the 1st... errr 1 1/2 years of living together. And occassionally I'm still tempted to move out and live in seperate houses but remain married.