Sunday, September 16, 2012

Doctors, Diabetes, and Diagnosis

On my third day back to work, I came down with the longest lasting stomach flu ever. EVER.

The first day of this flu was pretty terrible. I had a fever, full body aches and chills all the while crapping my brains out for what seemed like every hour on the hour. The second day, I felt better, but couldn't be more then 25 feet from the bathroom. By the third day, I should have swallowed my stubbornness and gone to the doctor. But I didn't.

Which is why I found myself at the Urgent Care Clinic on Saturday morning, complete with headache, chills, and body aches. Oh, and that whole bathroom thing.

I recited all my symptoms to the Nursing Assistant and then included, "Oh, and I'm a type 1 diabetic." Little reaction.

The doctor comes in for a repeat of all symptoms, to which he suggested that I start drinking Pedialyte. Assuming he had read the chart, I pointed out that I was a type 1 diabetic, thinking that they're had to be something better then Pedialyte for me to drink.

"How long have you been a diabetic? Since birth?"
"No, I was diagnosed two years ago."
He grimaces and I think, "Oh lord, here it comes."
"What made them arrive at the conclusion that you were type 1?"
"Ummm, the whole needing insulin to live thing probably pointed them in the right direction. Having this insulin beeper strapped to my side doesn't hurt either!" is what I should have said.
What I actually said is "I wear an insulin pump," a little dumbfounded that this doctor who knows absolutely nothing of my medical history is questioning my diagnosis.
"But type 1 occurs in childhood."
"And apparently when you're 28."

One of the most annoying things in dealing with medical professionals is this constant battle over what doctors think they know about diabetes. How rigid (and out of date) their knowledge is about it. Under the age of 18, must be type 1. Over the age 18, must be type 2. What's worse is this arrogance that somehow they're going to diagnosis me better then my endocrinologist who specializes in type 1, two years of blood work, blood sugar testing, insulin pumps, and a1c results.

Yes, you doctor, who I have only seen for two minutes are correct in assuming that all other medical professionals I have seen in the last two years are wrong. You must be right that I'm too old to have type 1 diabetes and I should just diet and exercise. Now that that whole diabetes thing is settled, can we talk about this shitting my brains out and pesky fever now?


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