Friday, September 21, 2012

Dirty Veggies Are Back!

Oh Farmer's Market! How I've missed you!

Between our vacation, days off from work, and my being sick, it seems like MONTHS since I visited my weekly farmer's market! It's really been more like A month, but whatever. I was ridiculously excited to go yesterday. It was as if I had won a trip to Disney World with one of those special passes that let you cut straight to the front of the line....which I think may only be for children with special needs, but hey, I qualify!

As the weather has started to make its shift into the colder temperatures, the food at the farmer's market is also reflecting the shift. While there were still plenty of zucchini and tomatoes to be had, there were also more apples, squash, and potatoes.

In my zealousness to be back at the market, I went waaaaay over-budget. But, as usual, I can justify it. You see, it's been at least 4 weeks since I've been to the farmer's market. So that's four weeks where my $15 was spent else where. I owe it to this farmers to make up for the money they've lost. It's my duty. I'm so patriotic like that.

Which is why I'm over budget this week. Oopsy.

This week's roundup
2 yams - $1.75
1 very large butternut squash - $3.25 - trust me, it's big!
1 large eggplant - $2.25
1 huge bunch of kale - $2.00
1 bunch carrots - $1.75
4 NYS apples - $3.00
2 zucchini - $2.00
1 container of figs - $4.00 - my splurge, had to see if they were as good as in Spain. They weren't.
Total: $20

Ah, it feels good to be back.

To the farmer's market.

Because, make no mistake. I would still rather be in Spain.

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