Tuesday, August 7, 2012


With a two-hour foraging class under our belts, Jerry and I decided it was a good idea to pick up some wild mushrooms on this weekend's hike. 

During this hike, a pair of lost souls came upon us, asking for directions as they had gone wildly off track from their initial route. Realizing that it was late in the day and that we couldn't give them proper directions to get back to their car without potential sending them deeper into the woods in the wrong directions, Jerry offered them a ride to their car if they wanted to follow us back to ours.

With introductions made, a 2.5 mile trek back to our car began. Along the way, Jerry and I looked for the mushrooms we had identified earlier in the day as non-toxic. Having to explain to this probably now very concerned couple who were wondering what they had gotten themselves into that we would be picking up mushrooms on our way back for us to eventually eat for breakfast tomorrow was....awkward.

We shared that we had taken a foraging class a few weeks ago and that Jerry had purchased a mushroom identification book. We were practically experts! Jerry joked "Unless I ask you to get on my unicorn when we get back to the car. In that case, you can take my keys from me."

"Are you really going to eat those?" they asked. 
"Yeah, definitely" we replied. 
Which I then verified with a "Well, Jerry's going to eat them first. Then we'll see how it goes." The mushroom jokes are endless. 

After scouring the internet for hours, with Jerry showing me similarly looking poisonous mushrooms to those sitting on our kitchen counter, he assured me that our mushrooms were good to-go.....probably. That's the vow of confidence one needs to potentially poison themselves! Saute those babies up!

Jerry's not much of a recipe guy, but I can tell you that this saute had mushrooms, zucchini, garlic, onions, and probably lots of different seasonings. It was good. And only caused a little bit of explosive diarrhea.

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