Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Dirty Veggies, Part 7

Okay. Here are my thoughts. Get ready.

The whole point of me going to the farmer's market each week, in addition to getting ridiculously good veggies, is to support local farmers, right? And if I end up going to the supermarket to supplement my produce because I didn't buy enough at the farmer's market...well, aren't I just giving into The Man? I might as well hand out dollar bills at Walmart!

This is how I am justifying this week's overexpenditure.

Which I actually think is totally valid logic. In fact, I'm thinking it's so logically, I might increase my weekly budget to $15! Gasps! If I'm using the farmer's market as my primary source of produce, shouldn't I be able to spend a little bit more to supplement?

I can see you nodding your head through the screen.

I thought you would agree.

This week's roundup:
2 cucumbers - $.50
1 bunch carrots - $1.75
1 head green leaf lettuce - $1.50
1 gigantic head of collard greens - $2.00
1 white eggplant - $1.35
6 peaches - $2.25
2 beautiful heirloom tomatoes - $3.05 (my splurge)
Total: $12.40....only $2.40 over-budget

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