Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Home is Wherever I'm With You

It's strange to think of breaking up as a necessary part of a relationship. It's a bit counter intuitive, really. You work to stay together, not to fall apart. Many people feel like once a relationship is over, it's done with, never to be re-visited again!

While I do think that this can be true, for Jerry and I, our break-up was an absolute necessity for our relationship. As hard as we worked to keep our relationship together, we both knew we needed our separate time and space to figure our shit out. While there's still things for us to work on, having that space gave us the breathing room we needed to be the people we truly are in a relationship we actually wanted.

And I guess it worked because, here we are, at our two year anniversary.

Having just entered a new chapter in our lives, I can't say that it has been all rainbows and sunshine. We're definitely making our way through this transition process to come out on what I am sure will be a stronger, happier side.

I'm always amazed by Jerry's patience, his easy-going nature, and his playfulness. It's something I'm rather grateful for as I definitely would have killed me by now or at least locked me in a closet for several hours.

Whether it's because we had a three month break in our relationship or because I love him just as much today as I did last year, it certainly doesn't feel like two years have passed. As much as I might complain about his emanation of scents (which I'm sure are contributing to global warming), his guitar-related paraphernalia, or any number of his other idiosyncrasies, I have myself a really great man. I am thankful for each day that he is in my life.

Happy Anniversary, Dearling. Thank you for resisting the urge to lock me in a closet.

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