Monday, November 14, 2011

Which is More Awesome?

The iPhone or the Insulin Pump?

It's been about two months since I started on the insulin pump. It has been two week since I joined the rest of the society and got myself an iPhone. Both devices are very exciting! Because they are so awesome, I've decided to put them in a head-to-head competition to see which piece of technology reigns supreme! It's like Iron Chef, only the nerdy techie version!

Let's review. The iPhone is awesome! It allows me to listen to music all day at work, fulfills all of my important "need to know this NOW" googling needs, hone my zombie killing skills, and prevents me from walking one full avenue block in the wrong direction before realizing it! The insulin pump certainly doesn't do that!

The iPhone is slimmer and weighs less then the insulin pump. It doesn't need to be worn on my body at all times. However, this may actually count as a disadvantage. Knowing me and my occasional absent mindedness, it's probably better that the insulin pump is attached to me, otherwise, there is a great risk of me either losing it, forgetting it, or dumping a bowl of oatmeal onto it. It happens more times then I care to admit.

The iPhone can provide me with hours of endless entertainment, where as I would struggle to be entertained by the insulin pump. There's only so many buttons one could push without causing a massive, life-threatening episode of hypoglycemia.

Both allow me to calculate my insulin needs, the insulin pump through the Bolus Wizard, the iPhone through the CalorieKing app. However, the insulin pump is able to provide me with a life-saving hormone that happens to be deficient in my body. It's as close a fake pancreas as one can get (at least without the use of some cloned sheep). The iPhone does not have this capability (although I hear they're working on that too).

The pump also prevents me from having to give myself multiple injections that caused nasty bruises and needle marks on my stomach. Besides making me look as though I have a large tumor on my side, the insulin pump allows me to shoot up in a less instrusive way. Lastly, the pump allows me to give myself a more accurate dosage of insulin to promote overall general health and ultimately led to longer life. Whereas the iPhone may be discovered to cause actual tumors in a few years! Who knows?

It was a split decision and a tough one, at that! But the win goes to...............The Insulin Pump.

But only by a slim margin. And only because it happens to save my life.

See, I do have my priorities straight, Mom!

I <3 my iPhone!

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