Friday, September 2, 2011

Soy Diabetica!

I have been practicing my Spanish for my trip with Jerry to Cozumel.

The first sentence I learned was "Soy diabetica, sin azucar por favor," which means "I am a diabetic, no sugar please." I figured it would come in handy. It's right up there with "Donde esta el bano?!" and "Puedo tener otra bebida alcoholica, por favor?" These sentences mean "Where's the bathroom?!" and "May I have another alcoholic beverage, please?"

That should give you a picture of the vacation I plan on having!

Oddly enough, despite the fact that I just started using the insulin pump, I an considering not using it while on vacation. Instead, I may go back to multiple daily injections with insulin pens while we are away. There were several reasons for this decision, but the biggest one was due to a new hobby Jerry is roping me into, scuba diving!

Because I would need to disconnect from the pump for several hours at a time (meaning there will be no insulin at all in my body), my blood sugar rise and probably making it pretty difficult to control. We'll probably go scuba diving several times throughout the week. I also run the risk of ruining the infusion set (the piece that's actually in my body that receives the insulin) because I'll be spending long amounts of time in the water/wet. The biggest reason in my mind, though, is that I'm pretty clumsy and I can see my foolish ass accidentally dropping that expensive piece of life saving equipment off the side of our vessel.

And then Jerry would have to kill me.

So my mother wouldn't be able to.

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