Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Me Gusta La Comida!

Have I mentioned Jerry's enthusiasm for Cozumel? Have I told you about his lists? Have I been clear enough about his "Come On Down!" excitement?

One of the things Jerry most looked forward to, besides scuba diving, was the food. Spending a whole week with just me probably came further down on the list. :) And me, being the fat kid I am, was pretty excited about it too. 

The food in Mexico is different then most other Carribean countries I have been too. Primarily in that you can find much lighter fare then the usual stewed meats and deep fried meals. The food seemed fresher (as is the case with the infamous avocado tree). On this trip,  a lot of tacos were consumed, which is actually where our food adventures began.

On the first night, Jerry had to initiate me to the island by suggesting we go, of course, for tacos de cabeza or "head tacos." Insert dirty joke here. Basically, these are tacos made from the different parts of the head. Imagine Jerry's disappointment when he found out that they didn't have brain or spinal cord tacos. Oh, darn!

Instead, we had tacos de lengua (tongue tacos), tacos de ojos (eye socket tacos), and I can't remember the name of the last one, but they were beef cheek tacos. In addition to our Fear Factor fare, we also order tacos al pastor, which is seasoned pork served with grilled pineapple. My favorite was definitely the tacos de lengua followed by the tacos de ojos! It can be described like tender brisket. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately for you), I wasn't able to get good pictures. 

The rest of our meals weren't nearly that adventurous, but were definitely awesome. Here's a pictorial adventure of some of our eats in Mexico!

Tacos de Ojos - Terrible picture!
These next set of pictures are from our favorite restaurant, Sabores, the one with the infamous avocado tree! They have the best mole I have ever had! I would drink bottles of it if they had let me. I'm not someone who likes to eat at the same place over and over again when on vacation. We ate lunch at Sabores three times! It was that good!

Jerry reading the menu.
Not sure why, but I love this picture. 
Menu Options
The infamous avocado!

The avocados have a different color as you can see in this guacamole. 
Mmmmmm.....Enchiladas Mole!
Albondigas!! Got this for two reasons.
One, it reminded me of my sister.
Two, it is fun to say!
These photos are from Kondesa, a new restaurant that recently opened in Cozumel that was really good!

Three different types of guacamole: strawberry-apple-bacon,
roasted tomatillo and cactus,and regular old-fashion
Flautas de Pollo with black bean sauce and cilantro cream
Corn Tamale with sauteed shrimp
These are pictures of Night Tacos, which were really tacos that we ate faster then it took for us to get there...at night!

Some kind of organ-meat tacos. We weren't sure what they were,
but they were good. 
Quesadilla al Pastor
Tacos al Pastor

From here, you just have random pictures of the different things we ate.
Avocado Pie. Sounds weird, but was surprisingly good!
Chilaquiles - Breakfast Food
Tortillas soaked in red sauce and served with shredded chicken
Huevos Motulenos
Two fried eggs served on toasted tortillas with ham, peas, and queso fresco
Conch Ceviche
Me, after spilling my strawberry margarita all over myself.
Jerry thought this was hilarious!
Some of the places we ate included:
The Money Pit
La Choza
Le Chef Restuarant

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