Sunday, September 4, 2011

Supermarketing, Mexico-style!!!

Jerry was ridiculously excited for us to go to the supermarket here in Mexico. We're both fat kids who love to go food shopping. If only they would let us drink wine while we wandered the aisles, I'm sure many of our date nights would be spent at Whole Foods or Shop Rite.

However, truth be told, I was not expecting much of this Mexican supermarket. I am sure I have mentioned Jerry's love of divey places and enthusiasm for anything gritty.  It is, after all, what led us to eating bull penis.

To emphasize my point, let me tell you about the youth hostel where we stayed in New Orleans. Jerry acted like this hostel was the Taj Mahal!  The hostel where there wasn't a working light in our room, the bed was made out of 2x4's, and the bathrooms were communal? Yeah, that one. When the Jerry Garcia look-alike walked us through the main house out to the backyard where he showed us the hut we were staying in, I began to question our plan, wondered if we could scrap together enough cash for the HoJo. But not Jerry. He turned to me with a huge toothy grin and mouthed "This is awesome!"

Jerry's so excited about papaya!!!
Thinking of Jerry's definition of "awesome" applied to a third world country supermarket, you can understand my concern.  However, I should have known my boy wouldn't steer me wrong!

The supermarket is awesome! So awesome in fact, we've already gone there three times in the two days we've been here. All the locals must think we're crazy gringos, snapping pictures of their shopping carts and running around their supermarket like it's Disneyland. Now if only Jerry would stop trying to get me to push him around in a shopping cart....

Don't know what they are, but they're delicious!

Those little daisy looking flowers is actually fresh chamomile. 

These things were bigger than my head!

Diabetic's Vacation?

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