Friday, July 8, 2011

Puerto Rico! Ho!

Despite the fact that I have about a million posts already written (I’m organized like that), it’s been a while since I have actually posted anything. The three of you who read this blog may have noticed.

The main reason for this is because I was in Puerto Rico! Ho! Between the adjustment back to real life and getting settled into work has made my departure from blogging much longer then I had anticipated. Plus, it has taken me this long to my shit together to write a post about our trip.

Puerto Rico! Ho! is an interesting place. It has beautiful beaches and a rich history, but also has a third world country kind of feel to it. One thing that is certain though is that the people have a great pride and respect for Puerto Rico. I could talk all day about the actual trip, but usually all I want to hear about someone’s vacation is the food!!!!

The food in tropical climates confuses me.  I just don't understand the concept of eating heavy foods, like stewed meats and starches, in a hot and humid climate. The last thing I want to do when all my body parts are sticking together with sweat and I have to slap on a bikini is eat a plate of rice and beans. You know what I'm saying? 

Luckily, no rice beans were consumed on this trip; however, lots of little pastries filled with guava and cheese were! Our first breakfast included a pastry buffet! But I can't actually show you a pastry buffet! Mostly because we didn't take any pictures, but really because this is a diabetic's blog. Duh. 

But what I can show you is.....the fruit we stole FROM the breakfast buffet. Dun dun dunnnnnn!

Eek! Lisa looks scared!


Whereas stolen fruit makes me look down right sexy. How do you like them apples?!

Who doesn't love a fruit cock and balls?!

Here are some other food highlights from our trip!


Nachos made with fresh plantain chips instead of tortillas!

Beef Empanadas!

It looks like turds on a plate, but actually it's ribs!
A few of my favorite meals aren't actually pictured here. One reason is because Lisa deemed that salads are not picture worthy. Pssh, whatever! Another is because the pictures didn't really come out and it's not fun to look at fuzzy pictures of what you think might be food.

However, for my final meal on the way home, I bought a tapas snack box on Delta airlines.  It had several different crackers, hummus, bruschetta, olives, cheese, and almonds.

It made me happy. In fact, I was so excited, I woke Lisa up to show it to her. I went through each individual item for her as if I was showing her my presents from Santa on Chrismas morning, "And then I got a bag of crackers, and then a jar of bruschetta, and then....." It was a trip highlight! For Lisa too.

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