Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Big Decisions....

Split second decision. Impulsive, really.

"You know what? I'm going do it. You can have the rep call me." And just like that, I am getting an insulin pump.

Recently, I find myself thinking "This would be easier if I was on the pump." Like when I spent 8 hours in a car to Virginia where the only thing Jerry and I could think do was snack. Or when I was at a conference with high blood sugar and debated about getting up to take a correction shot in the bathroom.

I had set this goal of getting through the summer without the pump. I'm not sure why. It was sort of an arbitrary deadline. The reality is every single person I have spoken to tells me how much easier having the pump is! Why am I putting off making my life easier? Though I'm a little anxious about it, I'm also really excited.

Diabetes has been an adventure and this is just another part of the journey.

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