Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A1C Anxiety

A while ago, Jerry said to me that he didn't want me to be upset if my A1C test wasn't as good as my last one (which was an awesome 6.2).

I rolled my eyes, sucked my teeth, and huffed "Of course I'm not going to be upset when my A1C isn't as good!" Really, Jerry?!?! It's not like I'm some crazy perfectionist/over-achiever who puts great pressure on herself to do EVERYTHING right and beats herself up when she doesn't. God! It's like you don't even know me or something! :)

After having a really shitty weekend of blood glucose numbers and feeling like I have gained a few extra pounds, I'm starting to really worry about it. I said that I would give myself an insulin pump-free summer because I was doing so well with my pen needles. Which means that I need to keep the same type of control over the summer so I'm not just using it as an excuse to avoid the pump.

My next endocrinologist appointment is at the beginning of August, which means I have less then a month to get myself back on diabetic track. This means getting back on a regular exercise schedule and being more mindful of my diet. I've been indulging way too much lately and definitely need to cut back.

I'm not fucking around here, diabetes! I'm coming after you! And it ain't going to be pretty.

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