Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Farm Love

During my recent trip to Colorado, the combination of hungoverness, exhaustion, and altitude had finally caught with me. Feeling rather low one morning, my friend suggested we stop by a farmer's market since, as he stated, "farmers markets make you happy."
And he was right. They do. They really do.

My mood immediately lifted as I walked around the different vendors with local products and produce. The market was not yet in full force as the season had not yet hit Colorado, but what was there was enough to excite me!

Getting caught up in all my angstiness at where I wish this blog was, I have neglected to share my continued  passion for the beauty and wonders of my local farmer's market! Which I have been going to religiously, week after week. Well, no longer, my friends! The weekly installments of Dirty Veggies is back!

Only, this season, I'll be calling it Farm Love. Seems more appealing, no?

In case you're not familiar, here's the deal. Each week I share with you my farmer's market purchases with the intention of sharing the recipes that become of these beautiful fruits and veggies in hopes of encouraging you to support your local farmer's market too. I also hope to dispel the myth that farmer's markets are too expense. I go to the market each week with a $15 budget which gives me a enough produce to last me through the week.

Here is this weekly roundup:
1 head red leaf lettuce - $1
1 large head of kale - $1
1 bunch of baby beets - $2
2 zucchini - $2
1 large head of cilantro - $1.50
1 heirloom tomato - $1.75
1 pint of fresh, local strawberries - $3.50 - this was the splurge of the week
Grand Total: $12.75 - wahoo, I'm under budget for a change!

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