Monday, June 24, 2013

Holy Crap!

Has it really been two weeks since my last post?!

Apparently, it has.

I've been writing less and less, if you haven't noticed. I think there are multiple reasons for this decrease in posting. First and foremost is I'm a little disappointed in where the blog is right now. I had high hopes of moving platforms, taking more professional looking photos, and spending more time developing recipes. Unfortunately, none of those things have happened and I'm feeling pretty down about it.

Second, I've been busy and haven't had as much time to enjoy myself in the kitchen as I would like. I can provide you with some simple instructions for scrambled eggs as that ends up being my week night dinner a lot of times, but I'm sure you're interested in more than that.

Lastly, I am pretty embarrassed about my diabetes control lately. In that there hasn't been much of it. My numbers have been crazy, scary, skyrocketed through the roof high, so I haven't felt good about that either. I'm not sure what the deal is, if it's insulin run amok again or I'm just bad at being diabetic. Either way, I need to get shit under control.

Jeez, what a downer post!

I guess I'm writing to ask all of you to bear with me as I try to make changes and transitions in my life. I am hoping to accomplish some of the goals I had set out for myself way back in January, which included turning this into a kick-ass professional looking blog (that I can hopefully make some dough off of...and not the literal kind). It's on my summer bucket list to get Goodbye Pancreas a nice new home with nicer photos then those taken with my iPhone.

Hang around, please. It'll get better soon.

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