Wednesday, April 24, 2013


I'm sure I have 15 posts that are entitled "Countdown" on this blog.

And each and every time I write the title, Final Countdown plays through my head. I hear the electronic rock pumpin' through my ears as I type. This is normal, right?

Well, this post is not a countdown to vacation or detox or whatever other silly things I may have counted down to before. This countdown is for something far more exciting (with exception of vacation, nothing is more exciting then a vacation!).

It's for the start of the Farmer's Market! Yippee, I looooooooove the farmer's market!

And I am determined to make you love it too. Again.

It starts May 1st and trust that we will be at the very first one! Because you and I are BFFs like that.

To learn more about my love obession of the farmer's market, read here and here.

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