Monday, February 25, 2013

Coke Shakes

On the outside, I look cool, calm and collected. I appear attentive.

On the inside, I am simultaneously having a brain freeze and a panic attack. Bet you didn't think those two things could happen at the same time, but oh yes, they can! I feel may hands start to shake. Sweat starts to form at my temples. Thoughts are forming but the ability to get the words out is limited.

I am in the middle of a meeting. Getting up abruptly will definitely be noticed. Passing out from a low blood sugar will be even more noticeable.

While obvious getting up and eating something to end this craziness is a no-brainer, how to do it, on the other hand, is a bit more complicated. Do I just stand up, walk through the middle of the meeting, and out into the kitchen? Do I make some sort of awkward announcement? Umm, excuse me everyone, if you hear a crash outside the door after I leave, can you just come and shove some Skittles down my throat? Thanks. Thoughts of "Do other people see me shaking? Do they see me sweating? Am I going to be able to form a coherent sentence to explain myself? Why didn't I bring something in with me?!" cloud the decision making process to get up.

Finally, I awkwardly whisper to the closest person to me that I need to go check my blood sugar. With speed, I successfully cut through the meeting and out to the hall before reaching my office where my meter confirms a 55 blood sugar. I grab my granola bar, make my way back into the conference room, looking like the world's biggest fat kid who couldn't wait another 20 minutes until the end of the meeting before getting my granola bar.

Ah, all in the day at the office.

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