Thursday, December 30, 2010

Definition of a Fat Kid

Fat kid /fAt kId/ n. a state of mind where one's primary focus is food, whether it be eating, cooking, or thinking about all things food. Total enjoyment of said food is a requisite to this state of mind.

I often refer to myself as “a fat kid.” Usually, I’m met with rolling eyes and snickering as people typically assume that I’m neurotically referring to my actual weight. But really, I use the term “fat kid” to refer to much more than someone’s physical state. No, my friends, “fat kid” is a state of mind!

Fat kid is when, after you have eaten breakfast, you’re already thinking about lunch. And after lunch, there’s dinner. And in between breakfast and lunch and lunch and dinner, there are snacks. Fat kid is planning an entire vacation itinerary around where you eat (i.e. my New Orleans trip where we had a list of over 20 restaurants to eat in). Fat kid is eating until you feel like you can’t possibly eat another bite...and then eat more! Fat kid is when questioning friends  about their dates, vacations, weddings, etc, you ask not about the actual event, but what did they eat!

I am a fat kid. I like to surround myself with other fat kids. If you're not into food, then you can't be my friend.

Ok, so now I've got to sneak the diabetes in here. 

Being a type 1 diabetic doesn't necessarily lend itself to being a fat kid. Diabetes definitely changes one's relationship to food. The monitoring and logging of everything you eat is enough to suck the fun right out of food! Right now, I am working on reconciling these two divergent lifestyles, managing everything I eat while enjoying, savoring, gorging myself on my beloved grub. It's been rough. 

Diabetes sucks. 

True story.

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  1. Oh, I so relate to this. I'm a fat kid too! As soon as breakfast is over, I'm thinking about lunch; as soon as lunch is over, I'm thinking about dinner. All travel revolves around where we're going to eat. Whenever someone else travels, I want details about where they ate. Fat kids, unite!