Friday, January 14, 2011

Hello 2011!

The roommate once told me that you are more likely to complete a task if you write it down. I have definitely proven that statement wrong time and time again. I am a notorious list-maker of lists that never get completed. I’m also one of those people who will write something on a list that’s already been completed, just so I can cross it off -- don’t judge me! You know you do it too!

So, how can I possibly start the new year without making a list? I can’t. 

Here’s the list of 2011 resolutions. Don't worry. I haven't actually completed any of them yet. 

Health and Diabetes Resolutions

In 2011, I will eat better and exercise more. (My mother and sister are rolling their eyes right now. Knock it off!) Despite my already pretty healthy living, I definitely splurge and avoid the gym much more often than I should! I've had a few days of consistently going to the gym and, let me tell you, it definitely showed in my blood sugar numbers. 

I will learn to understand and tolerate my diabetes better. This means following up with appointments, asking for help when it’s needed, and that 250...fuck it, maybe even 300 (eek!) blood sugar will happen and it's not a personal failure. This also means further consideration of the pump, possibly going back to the nutritionist and allowing myself to get pissed off every now again (dumbass pancreas!). 

I will take better care of my teeth. Because you shouldn't neglect your gums!

I will pay more attention to my overall appearance. This may seem like a vain resolution, but for me, I think it's okay. I've been wearing a pair of work pants that have a hole in the ass for about a year now. The boy sees me in sweatpants more often then he sees me in dresses. I saw my friends three times before they realized I chopped off my hair because it was usually unwashed and pulled back when they saw me. So, you see, my baseline is pretty low. Anything is up from here.

Mental Health Resolutions

In 2011, I will try not to be so hard on myself.  I'm a perfectionist. I put a lot of pressure on myself and cause myself a lot of unneeded stress. This means accepting that it's okay that I'm not an awesome snowboarder or rock climber. That I will make mistakes. That it is okay if I'm not able to make it the gym for a few days or any of the other neurotic things I obsess about on a daily basis.

I will work on regaining my confidence, patience, and trust in others. 2010 broke me a little bit. It was a rough year that often made me question myself and my worthiness. I feel I took a million steps back to a person that I just don't want to be again. I need to consciously work on changing this.

I will actually follow the budget that I create. See, I definitely could had said "Create a budget" but I've already done that! Awww, I'm already growing! Part of this also includes budgeting enough to travel more!

I will be more organized at work, learn to say no more often, and avoid working 12 hour days. Sometimes, there are days where I'm so burnt out, the thought of going to work seems more unpleasant then the annual pap smear. And then I realize that it's only Tuesday. Enough of that in 2011!

I will start a meditation practice. I have wanted to do this for a while, but haven't really put energy into doing it. I would like to start this year!

Just for Fun Resolutions

I will create lists and actually do the items on it.  

I will continue to blog and do so on a more regular basis. It's kind of fun. 

I will try new spices and be more adventurous in my cooking. I will also use my many cool kitchen appliances more often.

I will spend more time at the boy’s apartment so that his kitty is not so lonely all the time! 

I will improve my chaturanga pose and headstand pose in yoga.

I will crochet more AND ACTUALLY FINISH project. I must have at least 12 different crochet projects that I have started and never finished. My need for instant gratification kicks in. If a project is taking longer then expected, I’ll move onto another one. I believe the clinical diagnosis is called ADHD.

I will get my second tattoo! 

I've got quite the list here. And, technically, I haven't really started it. Especially after spending a week in Colorado, where three days of that were spent on my ass, throwing temper tantrums on the mountain, cursing the snowboard gods (and Jerry)! :) The 15th seems like a good day to start my resolutions! 

Wish me luck!

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  1. I think using your donut maker more may interfere with your resolution to eat healthier! :)