Wednesday, December 14, 2011


What do you think of when you hear the word "honeymoon?" That happy time when love is in the air! Butterflies in the stomach. Infinite patience. Anticipation to see each other. Doing the nasty ALL THE TIME!

Ah, honeymoons.

However, there is another kind of honeymoon that I've become accustomed to. The pancreatic honeymoon. Certainly not as fun, but does leave you feeling less sore. 

After initial diagnosis, when you start injecting insulin to live, your dumb ass pancreas remembers to do it's friggin' job and starts to produce insulin once more. This period of time can last any amount of time from three weeks to three years. For some time now, I thought I was out of my honeymoon period. However, lately, I'm thinking my pancreas may be producing some insulin again.

Overall, my blood sugar is well controlled, but there are times when I may under-insulin for a meal, preparing to go to the gym, and will end up hypoglycemic! Or I'll check my blood sugar, expecting it to be high, only for my numbers to be right on point! The topper was this weekend, after an entertaining night, when I forgot to re-connect my pump before falling asleep and still woke up with a 130 blood sugar.

My pancreas is like one of those characters in an awful B movie that twitches through their prolonged death scene, pushing you to point where you're screaming at the screen "Just die already!!!" He (meaning my pancreas) is trying to pump through his last bit of insulin producing power before crapping out completely. My endocrinologist says that I want functionality in my pancreas for as long as possible as it will reduce the risk of future complications. That it's a good thing I'm still honeymooning!


If only it was the same as doing the nasty all the time. :)

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