Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Diabetes Makes You Stupid.

Okay, maybe diabetes doesn't make you stupid. But it definitely makes ME stupid.

Since becoming diagnosed, there are times I think "Well, that was just stupid." I am sure there were plenty of these times before diabetes, but we're not talking about that. Usually, these moments are in regards to diabetes preparation of sorts. Like having juice on hand or leaving my insulin pens somewhere.

I had a "just stupid" moment at the gym this weekend. On Saturday mornings, I attend a sports conditioning class. It is basically circuit-training with different cardio and strength training moves. It's a challenging class, but I enjoy it. I enjoy it so much, I usually recruit others to be tortured, I mean, take it with me. This time, I took my friend Laura. 

Because I have attended this class for almost two years now, the instructor knows me pretty well (in the fitness sense anyway). He usually has the people who are most familiar with the class start off an exercise drill. This week, I start off the run. I start running and feel pretty good at the start but as we end the run, I feel a little funny. Nothing I can put my finger on, just funny. I decide I need to check my blood sugar before going onto the next set of exercises. 

I check it and I'm at a 54. Eek! How the hell did that happen? I had a banana and glass of milk before coming to the gym! I check my purse for the juice box I thought I put in there, but can't find it. I figure I'll just go buy a Gatorade from the vending machine...except I spent my last dollar on wine last night. How about Laura? Does she have any money? Nope, she doesn't either. 

All while this is going on, the instructor is looking at me, trying to gauge if I am okay as I usually don't just stop in the middle of class and make this scene of walking in and out. It is decision time. Do I tell him I'm diabetic? Do I tell him I'm hypoglycemic? I decide to err on the side of caution and tell him. 

As I struggle to figure out how I am going to treat this low and still participate in the class, Laura pulls a granola bar out her bag! Yay! I quickly shove the granola bar in my mouth, give myself a few minutes to let the carbs kick in, and re-join the class. I was fine through the rest of it. 

At the end of the class, I realize that it was just stupid. I should have had a juice box or something in my bag. It ended up being okay (you can breath now, Mom) but it was unnecessary drama that could have been avoided if diabetes didn't make me stupid. 

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