Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Rules of the House

My roomie, Heather, is pretty easy going. She's flexible about most things. But, there is one rule of the house (besides running water on your dishes in the sink) that she is very firm on. No dying allowed.

Yes, Heather had laid down the specific rule that I am not allowed to die. The same rule applies to her.

This specific rule was brought to my attention when I had a sudden moment of dementia! I take Lantus, long-lasting insulin, in the evenings before bed. For the most part, I am very good about taking my insulin when I'm suppose to. Occasionally, I may take it a little bit later then usual, but only by an hour or so. One night a few weeks ago, I swore I took my Lantus! I can remember sitting on my bed, looking at the clock, and thinking "Oh, time to take my Lantus." I would bet anything that I did actually take it!

Except, when I got up the next morning, the Lantus was still in my purse from crashing at Jerry's the night before. Is it possible I took it and got out of bed to put it back in my purse? Absolutely not. I'm one lazy motherfucker! There's few things that would actually pull me out of bed and putting away my insulin is definitely not one of them. On the other hand, my numbers were fine all day.

When I told Heather about this lapse in memory, she reprimanded me and stated "There's one rule in this house! No dying allowed!"

I'm pretty sure that if she wasn't already running late for work, she would have put me in Time Out.

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