Thursday, July 25, 2013

Farm Love: Post 2

Jeez, has it really been two weeks?

Despite my lack of commitment to regular posting (sorry guys), my commitment to the farmer's market has remained strong. I'm even beginning to think that some of the farmers are beginning to recognize me from week-to-week. That makes my heart happy. I love being able to connect with the people who bring me my food.

I've noticed that it has also makes my pancreas happy. My blood sugar numbers are coming back in to normal range. Even though I know it is more likely that is happening because I'm more conscious of keeping my insulin cool, I'd like to think eating more fruits and veggies from the farmer's market has something to do with it. Let me live my delusion.

With it being such a beautiful day and my heart singing from the sunshine, I got a little overzealous in my purchases and went WAY over budget. You're shocked. I know.

Here's the weekly roundup!

1 large head of kale - $2
1 bunch red onions - $2
1 pint blueberries - $2
2 ears of corn - $1
6 plums - $2.50
1 bunch of basil - $2
3 baseball sized peaches - $5 (my splurge)
3 plum tomatoes - $2.25
2 zucchini - $2.00
Total: $20.75 

The peaches were totally unnecessary, but they are literally the size of my head! They were so big and gorgegous, I couldn't resist. Plus, I like to buy for each of the farmer stands every week.

No worries, I will have an amazing recipe using much of this fresh produce coming up soon.

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