Sunday, March 17, 2013


I know you read this blog not because of your interest in me and my life, but rather that you're here merely to learn more about Jackson. It's okay. I get it. He's furry and black. We all love furry, black things, don't we? Unless they squeak and dart out from between garbage cans on the street. Ah, the wonders of New York City.  

When the time came to move Jackson again, I was really worried. He and Bilo had formed such a sweet bond that I feared he would never forgive me from separating him from his BFF (best friends forever, Mom). Maybe there was a little bit of projection onto Jackson going on. Maybe.

It was the saddest thing when they said goodbye, nose to nose with nothing but the mesh of Jackson's carrier between them. I tear up whenever I think about it. 
He's so emo.
For the first few days, Jackson didn't eat anything, which is HUGE for such a fat kid kitty. He barely came out from underneath the bed, jumped at every little noise. I was really feeling badly. Except that he also purred every time he saw me, curled up around me at night, and just seemed to be more attached. 

Over a period of few days, he started to come out more and more. More purring and playfulness each day. He started to do things that I hadn't seen him do since before our move, including chase the laser pointer, his favorite toy, and leave dry food in his bowl for later. He actually started to seem....happy. 

Then, a few weeks ago, a strange thing started to happen. He climbed onto my lap! And sleep there! While purring! What?!?!

He never did such things. In fact, he purrs constantly now! He will nuzzle his face against mine and will purr so much he drools. It seems like maybe, possibly, he likes me? Stranger things have happened, folks. Things like this have been happening more and more lately and is really quite adorable. 

Granted, he's still waking me up at 6 AM EVERY FREAKING MORNING, which makes me want to hurl him across the room with all my might. But as long as he balances it out with his cuteness, we should be just fine. 

He's not bleeding. It's just schmutz.

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