Wednesday, October 12, 2011

For You

Break-ups suck. There's really no way around it. They're hard. They're painful. They may make you want to consume large amounts of ice cream, plates of Rocky Road Brownies, and numerous bottles of wine.

Or break-ups, on the other hand, cause something to happen that NEVER EVER happens! It's really quite shocking! You lose your appetite! GASPS! You? A fat kid? Lose your appetite? I know. It's crazy. Even when you're deathly ill and can barely keep food down, you still have the urge to stuff your face with saltine crackers and chicken soup! But when you're sad, nothing seems appealing.

And while the "break-up diet" is great for dropping those pesky few pounds, it is not so great with that pesky diabetes. With diabetes, you HAVE to eat. It's not really a choice, unless you want to keep an IV of apple juice strapped to your arm. And when you eat, it's probably best not feed that sadness sugary treats. During this time, you need something that you want to eat (besides spoonfuls of peanut butter straight from the jar) and not make your blood sugar go crazy.  Like stocking up on your favorite granola bars, making yourself a large pot of tomato sauce, and having plenty of good friends who make sure you always have dinner plans.

And while surrounding yourself in the foods you enjoy takes care of the subsistence side of things, there is still the emotional. Because, really, isn't that the purpose of food any way when you're sad? Whether you're distracting yourself by cooking, forgetting by baking, giving yourself too much or not enough, it is because you're trying to find some way to dull that ache in your chest.

There's no easy way to get past this point. It will take some time. And, maybe, remembering to be grateful for all that person added to your life, sad they're not there right now, and hopeful your paths may cross again one day can help too.

And, obviously, when I say "you" and "your," I really mean "I" and "my."


  1. You wrote that just to make me cry, didn't you! God, you're so selfish &! :)

  2. It wasn't its sole intention, but certainly a bonus!

    God, so self-absorbed. :)